Outside wall insulation

Outside wall insulation


IKO enertherm is the solution for the insulation of outside walls.

The following insulation boards are applicable:


  • Interior finish of the home is retained.
  • Various decorative finishes possible: timber, zinc, sidings, etc.
  • Nearly 40 % thinner than mineral wool, XPS or EPS with the same R value.
  • Wind and moisture-proof insulation shield.
  • Can be cut and installed quickly and easily.
  • The ALU cladding is corrosion-resistant.

IKOfix Fast Anchor

Metal hammer plugs used to fix insulation and battening directly to bricks or concrete. Available in lengths of 150 mm (isolation max.100 mm) and 180 mm (isolation max.130 mm).

Article no.: 30462150 – 30462180.