Opting for IKO enertherm:

iko enertherm usp

Top quality multi layer facing

IKO enertherm ALU insulation boards are finished on both sides with a 7 layer facing which is laminated in a single complex. The facing is tested under extreme conditions
with respect to water absorption, mechanical properties, emissivity, etc.

Tongue and groove edging*

In order to prevent thermal bridging, water ingress and guarantee a windtight shield, the boards are finished on all sides with tongue and groove edging (TG).
* Only available upon request. Standard straight edging boards will be supplied unless specified.

Fire resistant

IKO enertherm ALU has a reaction to fire class E in accordance with EN 13501-1 and UK Class 1 in accordance with BS 476 – p7. The insulation board has a low to zero smoke emission rate and does not melt or drip. This fire performance is an inherent part of the foam’s cell structure. Reaction to fire Euroclasses up to B-s1,d0 are reached depending on the application and build-up.

Thermal efficiency insulation value

IKO enertherm PIR insulation boards with ALU and ALU 50 lamination have a lambda value of 0.022W/(m.K). In practical terms this means that insulation standards can be met using a thinner insulation board, when compared to other insulation materials.

Micro Cell Technology (MCT)

With an optimum formulation of raw materials and production parameters IKO enertherm has an exceptionally
fine cell structure: Micro Cell Technology. This MCT gives IKO enertherm these unique characteristics:

Shape retention

IKO enertherm insulation boards retain their shape and dimensional stability longer than PIR boards with coarser foam and boards that don’t shrink. Cold bridging is prevented and a longer service life without loss of insulating properties.

Pressure insulation

IKO enertherm insulation boards have a high level of elasticity. MCT ensures exceptional pressure resistance meaning the cells are flexible and don’t rupture. The insulation boards can also be walked on without leaving indentations.

Moisture proof

MCT has a very low long-term water absorption rate (<0.6%) compared to other insulation materials. Increased weight as a result of water absorption is eliminated, the boards are rot and mould proof and the insulation value is retained.