A communication from IKO Insulations

After an extremely challenging 2017 in which our industry faced exceptional delivery periods, IKO Insulations is pleased to announce a gradual return to normality.

Last year was marked by (excessively) long delivery periods due to a sudden and unexpected shortage of MDI, the number one basic raw material for PIR insulation. In the meantime, we have returned to a period of stable raw material prices and normal delivery times of about 10 working days.


How did that happen?

The sudden and sharp rise in the prices of raw materials caused a real rush on our high-quality IKO Enertherm PIR insulation. The increased demand obviously also led to a shortage and, therefore, longer delivery periods.

In the meantime, a combination of a return to normality on the raw materials market and the fantastic efforts of our operational team means that IKO Insulations has cleared its entire backlog so that we are now able to supply you, our customers, as per usual.


What about 2018?

As a manufacturer of high-quality PIR insulation, we are heavily dependent on the prices of raw materials.

The situation on the raw materials market in 2017 was unprecedented and came about through an exceptional convergence of circumstances.

We have every confidence that we can deliver IKO Enertherm PIR insulation within normal delivery periods in 2018 and that prices will remain stable.


IKO Insulations wishes to thank you explicitly for your understanding and trust. Over the past year, we have made every effort to communicate as accurately as possible and to deliver as soon as possible.

With our hearty thanks!